Dec 02, 2016

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Ready to find your operations management fit?

You can have a direct influence on the way business management is conducted in your organisation – all you need is the right operations management skills. If you’re interested in breaking into the operations management industry or rising up the ranks, an operations management short course can help you get there.

UCT offers two operations management online short courses – a foundational operations management course and an advanced operations management course, both of which offer operations management certification, approved by UCT.


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The UCT Operations Management course will equip you with the skills to improve internal processes and systems and solve operational problems. You’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Improve internal processes and systems through relevant operations management training
  • Examine operational problems and how to solve them before they affect workflow
  • Focus on how different facility layouts will help or hinder production
  • Utilise operations management skills focused on manufacturing but which are transferrable across any industry

The UCT Advanced Operations Management course dives deeper into operational strategies and operational risk management. You leave the course with:

  • The ability to align your organisation’s operations and functional strategies
  • The skills to create and implement an operational risk management that ensures smooth business management
  • The confidence to stand out in this lucrative industry as an expert in operations management

If you’re unsure which operations management course best aligns with your career aspirations, take this quick quiz to establish which one is the right fit: 

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