Feb 27, 2017

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Why the MBA Essentials is the perfect business course

Watch the video below to learn about the key outcomes of the MBA Essentials from the University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development (USB-ED) – as explained by Head Tutor, Brett Hamilton.

Brett is an MBA graduate of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). He has a plethora of experience having owned multiple businesses and as a full-time MBA lecturer and business strategy consultant.

With this knowledge and experience, he’s perfectly suited to guide students through their learning journey on the MBA Essentials, as well as offer advice to MBA aspirants and ambitious businesspeople.

In this video Brett explains what students can expect to take away from the 16-week online course, and highlights the importance and benefits of knowledge in each of the three topics covered by the course: economics, quantitative methods and managerial accounting.



Hi, I’m Brett Hamilton, and I’m the Head Tutor for the MBA CORe online short course.

This certificate will prepare you in understanding the complexities of the business world, how to measure and use data, and also how to measure the financial performance of your business.

The first topic covered during the course is economics, where you will gain insights into what economics is, how economists think, and the link between economics and the environment.

The second topic covered during this course is quantitative methods. Given the prevalence of data in the modern business environment, it is critically important for managers to be able to understand how data can be measured, collected, presented, and interpreted, to gain insight into complex problems.

And finally, you will be introduced to the basics of accounting. Accounting data serves as the principal source of information for making decisions, and measuring the financial performance and health of a business.

At its core, all three topics combine to allow for better managerial decision making.

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