Certificate Coordinator

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Reference: 10207/MZ/20190426

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing support to the Head of Certification Supply chain certificate-related student support when required. Key to this role is the maintenance and accuracy of data on the Master Certification Database, the request of certificate batches from university partners,  as well as precise record-keeping.

Maintain the Certification Master Database (MCD)

  • To prompt the certificate processing function with the capture of new short courses on deck.

  • Assume full responsibility for the updating of the database to include all short course presentations.

  • Perform regular checks on the database to ensure good standing of courses in terms of certificate administration.

  • Liaise with the Certificate Administrators to bring exceptions and concerns to their attention for action.

  • Escalate exceptions, operational and administrative challenges to Certification Lead where necessary.

  • Holding full accountability for the accuracy of the records in the database.


Liaise with University Partners relating to issuing of certificates

  • Communicating and requesting certificate print batches on completed and graded short courses, directly with university faculty administrators.

  • Flagging any and all exceptions with the faculty administrators for certificates that are not to be printed.

  • Actioning, processing and invoice management of reprint requests from faculties.

  • Following up on certificate print batches deliveries from universities and holding administrators accountable for agreed SLA timeline.

  • Reporting and facilitating incorrectly printed certificates.


Perform frequent operational reporting for the certification function

  • Creation of weekly operational reporting on the certification function to be provided to the Head of Certification Supply Chain.


Facilitating Certification Exceptions

  • Liaising with Junior Accountants to confirm any certificates that should be withheld due to outstanding payment.

  • Actioning any exceptions prompted by Freshdesk queries from CEO.

  • Executing any plagiarism withholds once solution has been actioned by Student Records.

  • Requesting the reprint of a certificates due to universities misprinting student information.

  • Exceptions reporting at a KPI level as well as weekly updates.


Ad-Hoc Duties

  • Back up in the absence if the Certification Lead.

  • Support to Certification Lead when required.

  • Back up in the absence of Communication Officer.

  • Work closely with the the Certificate Experience Officer to manage exceptions resulting from queries.

  • CPD Spreadsheet creation and dispatch to CPD.

  • Act as the custodian for allocations and maintaining ASANA projects (course presentations) for international presentations.

  • Maintenance and updates of all UP pass letters.


Effective communication

  • Effectively communicate with Certificate  Administrators by bringing exceptions and concerns to their attention for action, as well as notifying the Head of Certification Supply Chain.

  • Communicate professionally and effectively with internal and external stakeholders at all times.

  • Communicate with students, team members and university partners in a professional manner.



  • Advanced Excel skills.

  • 3-5 years of admin experience.

  • Results driven and self-motivated.

  • Aptitude - Attention to detail, problem-solving and customer service.