Head of Student Records

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Reference: 10200/CC/21122018

The Head of Student Records is the person who exercises management and oversight over the Student Records Function. This person oversees the daily functioning of the Student Records team through the Lead Student Record Officer. In addition to this, this person holds responsibility for the integrity of student data and academic administration as a whole within the Presentation Division.

Key Role and Responsibilities:


  • Governance 


      1. Assess, operationalize and uphold the student record management and exchange requirements based on agreements entered into between GetSmarter and it’s university partners.
      2. Collaborate with the Assistant Registrar to develop and maintain the university academic administration and policy packs for all universities that GetSmarter collaborates with.
      3. Ensure that all team members who are beholden to the university approved Academic Administration procedures are trained and held accountable to these practices.
      4. Work closely with Legal & Compliance to ensure that the processing and treatment of all student records adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements.
      5. Establish and maintain data integrity monitoring mechanisms.


  • Data management


    1. Manage and maintain the student records and Academic Calendar access process between GetSmarter and it’s University Partners.
    2. Regularly perform audits of record exchange protocols to ensure that they are fit for purpose.
    3. Brief in and / or review requests to the central Data team for new student record reports as well as enhancements and maintenance, as required.
    4. Regularly audit the various capture points of student record data so that all student record data fields are accounted for and captured according to reporting requirements.
    5. Continuously review Student Records reports in the reporting system to ensure that these meet operational and business obligatory requirements.  
    6. Ensure that the Student Records team is equipped with, and trainied to use, exception reports that support the objective of data integrity.
    7. Manage and maintain the Academic Calendar through regular monitoring, enhancements and optimization. Ensuring that all parties are clear regarding their responsibilities for this resource.
    8. Continuously engage with Academic Staff and Student Success departments to support the adherence to the Academic Calendar
    9. Manage and oversee the maintenance of the Student Lists and Verification workflows and dashboards.



  • Operations


    1. Work closely with Lead Student Records Officer and Operations Lead to ensure agile and optimal resource planning for the Student Records function
    2. Hold ultimate accountability for the adherence to the KPIs for the Student Records Function.
    3. Establish close relationships with representatives from the Academic Staff and Student Success teams to ensure they are enabled and held accountable to executing on the rules and policies pertaining to Academic Administration, particularly with regards to the wrap-up phase.
    4. Ensure that all processes for the Student Records function are documented and maintained
    5. Work with Leads across the team to ensure that Student Record related workflows are accessible, accurate and adhered to
    6. Act as liaison between the Office of the Registrar and the Learning Technology department to ensure alignment between the teams, and that their practices support the upholding of academic integrity
    7. Ensure that document folders are neat and well-maintained for the Student Records function.



  • Communications 


    1. Work closely with the Certificate Experience Officer to align on student communication best practices to be applied in the Student Records Function.
    2. Liaise with internal teams (LT and S&T) to ensure that the communication system requirements of the OR team are met.
    3. Maintain regular communications with direct reports and senior colleagues within the Office of the Registrar to ensure optimisation of knowledge sharing and alignment
    4. Deal with escalated student queries
    5. Hold Lead accountable for compilation of weekly reports covering performance and KPIs for Student Records.
    6. Perform additional analysis on performance and KPI reporting.
    7. Contribute to weekly reports received from Leads and submit to the Registrar for comment
    8. Build, maintain and report on the Academic Calendar adherence
    9. Collaborate with the Assistant Registrar to ensure that reporting mechanisms for appeals and plagiarism cases are in place and maintained



  • People Management and strategy support


    1. Supervision, line management and development of the Lead Student Records Officer
    2. Hold the Lead Student Records Officer responsible for ensuring that that they remain accountable for their priorities and portfolio on an ongoing basis
    3. Implement recurring mechanisms to ensure that all team members within the Student Records Function receive the required support from their line manager.
    4. Collaborate with the Lead Student Records Officer and other team members to Identify training need and support the implementation thereof.
    5. Facilitate the PDS process for direct reports
    6. Actively contribute and engage as a senior member of the Office of the Registrar to support planning, agile business process improvements, and team leadership.
    7. Support the OR department - specific policies and initiatives collaboratively with departments to promote access, output, assessment and quality assurance.
    8. Support the Registrar with strategic planning for the department in line with the company requirements.


Education and Experience:

  • 3 years - 5 years experience within a data focused role, including at least 1 year of people management experience
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel and preferably GoogleSheets
  • Direct (preferable) or indirect experience in maintaining and enhancing data systems
  • Experience in working with / within a central data team to achieve business objectives
  • Experience within the education sector is beneficial
  • Experience in using SQL is beneficial