Course Iterations Lead

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Reference: 10746/MZ/10042019

The Course Iterations Lead role oversees the Course Iterations unit in the Learning Design team, which is responsible for supporting the ongoing maintenance of the existing short course portfolio from presentation to presentation. This is done through the implementation of iterative review changes and updates that ensure ongoing relevance, up-to-date content, pedagogical soundness, and accuracy. The role provides guidance and direction to the Course Iterations unit as a key quality assurance function in the “customer experience” of students, university partners and internal teams. The Course Iterations Lead is accountable for ensuring that the necessary processes, documentation and lines of communication are in place to enable quick and accurate updates to course content on the Online Campus. The role requires managing expectations with internal stakeholders, as well as faculty and teaching teams, about delivery timelines, scope, and constraints. Success in this team is defined by the ability to balance academic, technological, and human concerns against tight delivery timelines. Importantly, the Course Iterations Lead must foster an overall sense of calm and confidence around the course iteration process by being a readily available and highly knowledgeable resource to internal and external stakeholders.

Education and Experience:

  • Oversee the management and resolution of course queries on live presentations, ad hoc changes to course content and scheduled course reviews through prioritisation of team capacity, directing the flow of work, and managing expectations with internal and external stakeholders about delivery timelines, scope, and constraints. In addition, problem solve with faculty and internal team members on instructional issues with existing courses, advising on suitable solutions. This includes managing the escalation of critical errors in course content outside of standard South African working hours. 
  • Act as direct line manager to the Course Iterations Coordinators, managing performance, training and development on an ongoing basis with support of senior management. This includes conducting quality assurance of work completed by the team. 
  • Drive the gathering and collating of quantitative and qualitative data from internal and external stakeholders to inform changes to course content on individual courses. This includes feedback from faculty and teaching teams. In addition, identify trends and systemic challenges to inform proactive changes to new and existing content. 
  • Create and refine processes related to course maintenance to support the pedagogical and academic quality of courses and meet partner expectations. 
  • Provide guidance to management on the needs of the unit relating to team growth to support the increasing depth and breadth of short course portfolios. In addition, drive recruitment for the function as needed.

Education and Experience:

  • Minimum 3-5 years’ working experience

  • Excellent English language skills + experience in proofreading

  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS

  • Advanced understanding and use of Moodle learning management system.

  • In-depth knowledge of commonly used activity and resource settings

  • In-depth knowledge of the gradebook settings

  • Basic knowledge of site-wide settings

  • Strong lateral thinking skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to set and adjust priorities in a dynamic and changing environment, and accept new challenges to realize team's goals
  • A high level of confidence, professionalism and interpersonal skills
  • Data literacy
  • Systems thinking
  • Operations experience
  • Negotiation skills / ability to get buy-in through influence
  • Good work ethic and time management skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • People management experience preferred