Online Presentation Coordinator

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Reference: 10188/KG/17012019

Our Online Presentation Coordinator:

Is the person responsible for the accurate set up of every presentation across all learning environments. They play a key role in the preparation and presentation of the GetSmarter short courses.

Key Responsibilities

Preparation Phase:

  • Enrol support team stakeholders to each presentation
  • Accurately set up the enrolment of students to the presentations
  • Ensuring that the course calendar reflects the correct date data
  • QAing all video and links in the presentation to ensure that they are correct and functioning
  • Create marking groups, and set allocated markers on courses where applicable

Presentation phase:

  • Populate and allocate student groups and classes on the online courses
  • Post the welcome-and content posts from Head Tutors and Tutors in the Classwide Forum(s)
  • Quality assuring the module/s
  • Investigate student impacting errors and present findings in an incident report