Paid Search Executive

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Reference: 10813/MZ/10042019

A Paid Search Executive is an experienced PPC campaign manager who specialises in managing, analysing and implementing effective optimisation strategies. Their primary function is to deliver against business and marketing goals within the GetSmarter Paid Media team within the search platform.

The role requires a proven record, an understanding of Paid Search principles, and has at least 1+ years in the Digital Advertising Industry.

  • Support the development and execution of the Paid Search strategy in order to generate quality leads. This includes campaign building, optimisation, testing, monitoring, planning, calendar management, budget management, platform selection, implementing RLSA strategies and reporting.
  • Work with Brand Strategists to create and optimise effective ads and landing pages for SEM campaigns.
  • Conduct regular spend, geo and overall campaign performance analysis using tools such as Tableau, AdWords and Excel and report on findings.
  • Participate in on the job training in analysis skills using Tableau and Excel as well as new platform techniques.

Education and Experience:

  • 1+ years experience

  • AdWords Certified

  • Business / Marketing degree preferable

Attributes that would help you to succeed in this role:

  • Must be flexible, adaptable and decisive

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

  • Strong collaborator who operates in the best interests of the team, and isn’t averse to getting one’s hands dirty when necessary

  • Execute fast under pressure without compromising on quality

  • Self-starter and voracious learner who is organised

  • Not afraid of change - can work in an agile manner

  • Be able to work with diverse teams and personalities

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Must be a team player