Senior Software Engineer - (Python)

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Reference: 2757/KG/09042019

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Job Summary:

We are looking for a collaborative and results-driven Software Engineer with experience in Agile techniques like breaking down tasks into like-sized parts and pair programming.

Above all, you care about delivering quality software in a sustainable and timely manner and about software craftsmanship. You have experience in, and passion for, high-quality, maintainable code that confers low operating costs, high change velocity and is a point of professional pride for you and the team.   


Key Role and Responsibilities:
You are a competent maker with the following competencies:

  • Writing maintainable high-performance code
  • Refactoring to keep code maintainable
  • Conducting exploratory and automated testing
  • Debugging complex problems under time constraints
  • Leading technical design of applications and participating in larger system design efforts
  • Providing technical guidance and feedback to other team-members

You have experience in:

  • Running and creating deployment software to put code on production
  • Planning and estimating development tasks and short-term projects
  • Relating your project deliverables to products you are building and strategy behind them
  • Advocating for end user needs in software you are building
  • Collaborating with Product team (product managers, business analysts, and UX designers) to define and refine requirements

Over time, we expect Software Engineers to grow by learning and practicing the following skills:

  • Participating in application and system level technical design
  • Conducting technical interviews
  • Participating in planning staffing needs on your team
  • Using metrics to drive software development decisions

About The Team:
The Marketing team maintains and develops the current tools that produce and deliver marketing content for our partners, and we are busily working to replace these legacy systems with a modern dynamic stack.  This content suite aims to streamline, enhance and standardize marketing content strategy, production, delivery and utility for internal 2U users, and provide consistent, highly usable, and stable content to prospective and current students and faculty. Most of our stack is in JavaScript, with some legacy applications in Python and is deployed fully on Amazon Web Services. We are motivated to build a team where members bring sound computer science fundamentals and a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table. 

Skills and Experience:

  • Python experience 
  • Javascript frameworks like Node and React
  • Release management tools like Docker, Kubernetes and Distelli
  • Headless CMS like ContentStack
  • Automated testing frameworks like Jasmine, Jest, Selenium
  • Databases like Postgres, MongoDB
  • Web servers like Nginx Apache
  • AWS products like Lambda, RDS, Kinesis

Join our Cape Town team:
2U, Inc., a global leader in education technology, is a trusted partner and brand steward of great universities. We build, deliver, and support digital and in-person educational offerings, including graduate degrees, professional certificates, Trilogy boot camps, and GetSmarter short courses. Our Cape Town office is the homebase of operations for our short course product, GetSmarter, which was acquired by 2U in 2017.

The Systems and Technology team is responsible for all information systems supporting business processes, and  the greater company infrastructure to support staff and product offerings.

Systems & Tech is made up of the following Departments:

  • Business Systems
  • Engineering (Software Development)
  • Web Infrastructure (Devops)
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Internal Infrastructure