5 Ways PMI Will Support Your Project Management Journey


If you’ve got your eye on either the UCT Project Management Foundations short course. UCT Change Management, or UCT Advanced Project Management short course, you’ll be pleased to know that all our project management short courses are now backed by the Project Management Institute, earning you a PMI-approved certificate.

GetSmarter is now a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), and has been approved by PMI to issue professional development units (PDUs).

Who is PMI?

The Project Management Institute is the world’s largest not-for-profit membership association for the project management profession. It currently boasts over 700 000 members and aims to empower project management professionals by offering them unparalleled professional resources and research.

Their mission is to enhance your project management career, improve your organisation’s success and ensure that the profession keeps evolving and stays at the forefront of global trends.

How will PMI benefit me?

Global recognition

The PMI brand is recognised worldwide and any affiliation with it is seen as a stamp of quality and excellence. By having PMI approval behind your name, you’ will be recognised as an industry expert around the world.

Up-to-date skills

GetSmarter’s project management short courses have been reviewed by PMI, which ensures you will learn only the most relevant skills and best practices. All training is PMI approved.

Contact hours for your exam

When you successfully complete one of our project management short courses, you’ll earn pre-approved contact hours that you can then use towards your PMI exam.

PDUs to boost your current credentials

In order to stay certified and relevant, you’ll need to participate in professional development activities, and earn PDUs. These short courses are just one of the ways you can do that.  Click here to learn more about PDUs.

UCT Project Management Foundations PDUs earned: 68.25
UCT Advanced Project Management PDUs earned: 153.25

Networking possibilities

You’ll gain access to the world’s largest project management professional community – booming with like-minded peers who are serious about professional and personal development.

To learn more about how the Project Management Institute will benefit your project management career, you can view their membership benefits here.

When you’ve learned the skills, it pays to have big names behind you.

Start your journey towards project management excellence today.

UCT Change Management

UCT Advanced Project Management

UCT Project Management Foundations