Mar 29, 2017

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Tips for becoming a property developer

Property development and investment can be a great boost to your income. But in order to stand out in the booming property industry you need to have a certain skill set and spirit. That skill set will give you the ability to effectively take part in property management.

Want to capitalise on the third largest market in South Africa, but not sure how to become an expert Property Developer or how to get into the property development market?

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Watch this video where François Viruly, convenor of the University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment online short course, explains what you’ll need if you want to break into the property development market.

Property development and investment requires a similar personality to that of an entrepreneur – someone who is able to identify opportunities, think about them strategically and then to take the risk involved in actually investing in the property. Unfortuantely, having an entrepreneurial spirit is not enough to make it work in the property development industry. You also need a very specific skill set that gives you insight into the property industry as well as the foresight to make the most of those entrepreneurial risks.

On this property investment course from UCT you’ll learn from industry experts as they arm you with the ability to take every property development opportunity.

Think you have what it takes to become a property developer?

Earn the skills needed to expand your asset portfolio and make decisions on potential investment and development opportunities, with the UCT Property Development and Investment online short course.



You become a property developer by having a certain amount of knowledge of the process of property development, but also you have to have the entrepreneurial spirit. You have to walk the streets, find your opportunities. Either it’s an idea looking for a site, or it’s a site looking for an idea.

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