Dec 12, 2016

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3 Steps to boost your online presence

It’s no longer enough to rely on an exceptional reference or a staggering list of work experience to advance in your career.

Employers, clients, colleagues, business acquaintances and managers are increasingly turning to alternate channels to gather information about you.

Which means that how you market yourself professionally is incredibly important and that having a polished online presence can help you succeed in a competitive career landscape.

What is a personal brand?
To put it simply, your personal brand, or your “YOU” brand, is your reputation, or more specifically, your professional reputation. Whether you are actively managing it or not, you already have some form of personal brand, and it’s defined by how people perceive you.

Much of creating a personal brand today is about what your name is associated with online. Remember, hiring managers will make decisions about your career based on what they can find on the internet. Check out the infographic below and follow these three steps to start optimising your online brand.


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