Nov 30, 2016

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What is commercial law all about? | FAQs

Understanding commercial law and law of contracts is important for any business that deals with the purchasing or selling of any product or service. If you want to find out exactly what commercial law can mean for your organisation, listen to Melanie Louw, the Head Tutor on the University of Cape Town Contract and Commercial Law online short course, as she takes you through the basics.

Commercial law can also be referred to as corporate law or mercantile law. Mercantile law talks to the idea of merchants and traders because commercial law talks specifically to those who are dealing in a business of exchanges and transactions, whether that’s for products or services. Anytime there’s a sale or purchase of goods or services, commercial law would be considered an important feature along with contract law. If you are hoping for a career in commercial law and law of contracts, you’d be dealing specifically with legislation that refers to any business transaction between any organisation and their clients.

If you think commercial law and contract law will have an impact on your professional growth or the success of your business, there’s a sure-fire way to improve your approach to legislation. Investigate contract management courses that explore commercial law and contract law, helping you lead your business to success without having to rely on the help of a legal professional every step of the way.


Commercial law is also known as mercantile law, and it actually describes it better, because in the old days we refer to merchants or traders – people that sell and people that buy. So, commercial law, or mercantile law, refers to all transactions where there’s actually a sale or a purchase of goods or services.

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