Cost and management accounting – what jobs can you get?| FAQs

FINANCE   |   2 minutes  |   March 9, 2017

With cost and management accounting skills and experience, you are qualified to fill a number of different roles in the job market.

Cost and management accountants apply the skills and knowledge to boost sales and increase business’s profits.

These skills are transferable and relevant to a multitude of roles, including budget analyst, financial analyst, fixed asset accountant and cash management accountant. Even managers and entrepreneurs who want to be empowered to make the best decisions for their businesses need a basic understanding of cost and management accounting.

Because maximising profit ensures a business’s success, cost and management accounting skills are in demand in almost every business and across all industries.

To learn more about the jobs you can get with cost and management accounting experience, watch this short video, where Janine Daniels, Head Tutor of the University of Cape Town Cost and Management Accounting online short course guides you through the doors open to you in the industry.

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When you study cost and management accounting you will be able to be hired to work as a cost accountant or management accountant in any organisation. There will also be opportunities to work as a budget analyst, financial analyst, financial or stock controller or financial planner. A role as a fixed asset accountant will also be attainable for you, as well as a cash management accountant. Cost and management accounting is also very useful for entrepreneurs who are looking to keep a closer eye on their accounting systems.