How exposed to risk is your business?

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT   |   3 minutes  |   August 25, 2017

The rise of disruptive technologies and cybersecurity threats, coupled with the constant risk of human error, mean that an effective business risk management plan is more important than ever before.

But a risk management plan is only as good as it’s developer’s knowledge.

You need to identify the gaps in your own risk management knowledge if you want to offer your organisation optimal protection and maximum impact.

This quiz, based on the course content from the University of Cape Town Business Risk Management online short course, will examine your knowledge on the concept of risk, the reasons behind why business risk management is so vital, and your ability to identify risk and respond accordingly. It’ll also help you identify which areas of your business risk management knowledge need to be expanded and strengthened, and which module of the risk management course from UCT will be the most useful for your professional journey.

Take the quiz now to identify the gaps in your business risk management knowledge and move towards providing your business increased protection:

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and skill set in business risk management and compliance – helping your organisation avoid risks before they become desructive, find out more about the UCT Business Risk Management online short course. In this business risk management course you’ll cover everything from the basics surrounding the concept of risk, the different categories of risks, the ways in which these different risks can be mitigated, and the value of developing a risk culture.

Be guided by industry experts as you unpack the most relevant business risk management content and tools for your career. This business risk management short course is also endorsed by the UCT’s African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management, ensuring your experience has a quality stamp of approval.