What are the gaps in your UX design knowledge?

Art & design, CAREER ADVICE   |   3 minutes  |   August 7, 2017

38% of people will stop engaging with your website if they find the layout unattractive.1 If you want to stand out as a UX designer, you need to understand what exactly makes a user tick and how you can improve the user experience to increase conversions for your organisation.

Understanding what UX design is, and how it makes use of a host of tools and trends, is the first step in becoming a UX designer.

Answer the following questions about UX concepts and user interface to assess where you should be focusing your attention on upskilling.

Your answers will identify which module of the UCT User Experience Design online short course is most pertinent to skyrocketing your UX career. Whether it’s understanding the path a consumer takes, or identifying how aesthetics plays a role in your user’s journey to conversion, this online UX design course from UCT will help you expand your knowledge of the customer you’re organisation is aiming to convert, while you seek creative solutions for a human-centric platform.

Take the quiz to find out where the gaps are in your UX design knowledge and start working towards setting yourself apart as a UX designer.

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge in UX design or want to break into the industry as a UX designer, find out more about the UCT online UX design online short course. In this UX design course you’ll cover everything from building a Product Use Context, developing wireframes, investigating the role of research and stakeholders, and reporting on the outcomes of the user’s experience.

Be guided by industry experts as you unpack the most relevant user experience design content and tools for your career as a UX designer. This UX design course is also approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa, ensuring your experience has a quality stamp of approval.