Dec 05, 2016

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How to get a financial management job | FAQs

Are you looking for a financial management job and wondering what skills will get your foot in the door to make the most of the job opportunities in financial management and related disciplines?

In this short video, Gareth Cotten, Head Tutor on the UCT Basics of Financial Management online short course, gives you some insight into what exactly employers look for when recruiting for a financial management job – ranging from financial manager to financial planner and a host of related career paths.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a Financial Planner or a Financial Manager, you’re going to need the right financial qualifications. Skills training and education play an important role in securing a financial management job. There is also the opportunity to move up into different kinds of financial management roles if you already find yourself in the field and have some of the necessary experience. Experience in a related field or role is one of the key defining things that financial management employers will be considering when looking to hire new candidates. You have the opportunity to move between roles once you’re already in the industry itself.

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For financial management positions, people are definitely going to be looking at your qualifications as a start. It is not the type of job that you can generally fall into. Having said that, if you can work-up as a financial manager or financial planner, and show some kind of experience in financial management, even if it’s a slightly different financial role, that’s definitely going to help in landing a good financial management job.

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