Higher Education Teaching Certificate | Course Trailer

EDUCATION   |   3 minutes  |   October 18, 2017

The Harvard Higher Education Teaching Certificate aims to give you the opportunity to engage deeply with effective teaching methods and reflect on your practices, portfolio and teaching journey in the higher education (HE) field.

The 8-week course, presented in association with HarvardX, is inspired by the in-person seminar program currently offered by Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. You now have the opportunity to explore the focus areas of Pedagogy, Course and Assessment Design, Professional Communication, Language and Culture of the Classroom, and Reflections on Teaching – entirely online.

Watch the course trailer to get a look at what you can expect from your learning experience with Harvard’s Derek Bok Center:


You’ll study various approaches to pedagogy, based on the most relevant research on how students learn in the HE context, that will broaden your range of teaching skills, and help you to create inclusive teaching strategies for your unique context. At the end of the course, you’ll also produce a written statement encapsulating your teaching philosophy as well as a teaching portfolio which details your experience and critical reflections on teaching and learning.


You’ll learn to create a positive learning environment, tailored to your specific teaching context through your ability to execute effective rapport-building techniques, complete an effective lesson plan and get practice as well as feedback on delivering a unit of instruction in your chosen discipline, and design or refine a syllabus featuring assignments that align with learning goals authentic to your chosen discipline.

Whether you’re an existing educator in higher education or you’re aspiring to break into the education industry, this Bok Teaching Certificate will help you gain an in-depth understanding of your role as a practitioner and the importance of participating in a community of practice as you learn from esteemed faculty.

Ready to refine your teaching philosophy?

Gain confidence in what you teach as well as how you teach with the Bok Teaching Certificate.