Test Your Cybersecurity Knowledge

SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY   |   2 minutes  |   August 22, 2017

South Africa is the top cybercrime target on the continent.*

Whether you use your computer to browse through Facebook or you’re the owner of an online retail company, everyone can benefit from knowing how to avoid the threat of a cyberattack by taking cybersecurity online training.

The University of Cape Town offers a Fundamentals of Cybersecurity online short course which will equip you with the cybersecurity skills needed to protect your business online. You’ll explore cybersecurity-related topics such as corporate governance, incident response, and industry ethics.

Together with industry professionals, your fellow classmates, as well as online interactive cybersecurity content, you can easily become the expert for understanding and preventing cybercrime in your business, and you’ll receive a certificate from UCT as powerful proof of your competencies after taking this cybersecurity course.

Need more convincing? These are the topics you’ll cover over the next eight weeks during the cybersecurity online course:

  • Basic principles of cybersecurity management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance, policies and the regulatory environment
  • Cybersecurity culture
  • Cybersecurity architecture
  • Cybersecurity software and hardware
  • Compliance management
  • Incident management

Take this quiz to find out find out where the gaps are in your knowledge cybersecurity and how this cybersecurity course can benefit your business.


Are you ready to join the 48,000 professionals who have already successfully completed a GetSmarter short course, online and part-time? The Fundamentals of Cybersecurity online course offers you the opportunity to develop a transferable skill set you can use to make a positive impact on your organisation’s current and future performance – across any industry.

Still not sure whether this online cybersecurity course is the right fit for you?

Retake the quiz or browse the short course portfolio to see what other IT courses are on offer from GetSmarter.


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