How Much Does A Human Resource Manager Earn? | FAQs

TALENT MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   November 30, 2016

Are you wanting to venture into the lucrative HR industry? Or perhaps you want to move up the HR ladder? Either way, you want to know how much you could earn as a Human Resource Manager.

Depending on what position you’re aspiring to, your salary will obviously differ. It is important to note that an HR’s salary depends almost entirely on what end of the Human Resource sector they work in. As a rule of thumb, Human Resource Managers are paid at a similar level to operational managers in larger corporates in South Africa. Whereas in smaller businesses, junior HR people are paid similarly to those in administration.

In this short video John Wilter, Head Tutor for the online University of Cape Town Human Resource Management course, gives more insight into the different salaries you could earn in the field of human resource management:

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Certainly in our larger corporates in South Africa, the Human Resource executive or senior Human Resource person is paid at an equivalent rate of your operational managers, and they certainly will be pretty happy with the kind of salary that they can command. At the lower end of Human Resource Management, one would very much compare yourself to an administrative role because the profile of a junior HR person is really about compliance and administration. To put a rand value on it – it’s very difficult to say. Certainly from the bottom to the top, we’re talking R6000 a month to R120 000 a month.