How to Download Your Letter of Completion

CAREER ADVICE   |   1 minute  |   January 8, 2019

Here’s how you can download your Letter of Completion

1) Click on the “View my Certificate” button in the digital certificate email you’ll receive upon successful completion of your course.

2) Once loaded, see the tab to the left of your digital certificate and click on the “Transcript Letter” button.

3) Your transcript letter will open up in a new tab from which you can then export a PDF version of your letter. To export a PDF version of this letter, “right click” on the page and select the ‘print’ option and then select “print to PDF”.

4) You can then right click on this page and select the “Print” option.

5) This will open the Printer options.

Please make the following selections:

  • Ensure your print option (destination) is set to “Save as PDF”.
  • At the bottom of page, select “More settings”.

  • Under the “options” heading, ensure the Headers and Footers option is deselected.

6) Click the blue “Save” button and select the file or drive where you want to save your PDF copy of your certificate.

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