How To Get A Job In HR Without Experience? | FAQs

TALENT MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   November 30, 2016

Are you interested in a job in HR, but don’t feel like you’re hireable because of a lack of experience?

To pursue a career in the HR industry without the usual HR skills or experience, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Put together a CV and get it out there on LinkedIn and other forms of social media
  2. Decide which organisations you’re interested in working for and use your networks to make contact
  3. Offer your services, maybe free for a trial period, or explore the option of an internship

In this short video, John Wilter, Head Tutor for the University of Cape Town Human Resource Management online short course, expands upon the steps you can take to get a job in talent management without having any experience.



Firstly, put together a CV that is going to tell people: “This is what I’m looking for.” Make sure you put it on social media; LinkedIn; your Facebook profile can say: “This is what I’m looking for.” Once you’ve got your profile together and it’s out there in the market, look around and decide which organisations you would like to work for. Use your networks, try and get some kind of contact, make contact with that organisation and offer your services – maybe free of charge for a period of time. The other thing that you can do is apply through an internship programme. The SETAs have a list of all the internships that are available, and if you qualify, and if you’re fortunate enough, put your name on that list, and go through the application to become an intern within an organisation.