An introduction to the MBA Essentials

CAREER ADVICE   |   2 minutes  |   February 27, 2017

The MBA Essentials is a dual-purpose online short course – helping towards your preparation for an MBA and giving you the technical business management skills to take your career to new heights.

In the video below, Head Tutor, Brett Hamilton, explains the three topics covered in the course – economics, quantitative methods and managerial accounting – and the benefits they offer in preparing for the MBA, as well as becoming a better manager.



Hi, I’m Brett Hamilton and I’m the Head Tutor for the MBA CORe online short course.

The course introduces students to the underlying principles and understanding of three major subjects found on the MBA: economics, quantitative methods and accounting.

It serves as a way for you to better prepare for the MBA, thus giving you a firm base from which to tackle this highly demanding Master’s programme.

However, it also has a broader appeal.
This certificate will equip students to be better aware of the complexities of the environment within which they manage, it will allow them to be more comfortable with interpreting data, and it will allow them to measure the financial performance of a business.

This course will give you the ability and confidence to stand out from the crowd.