What jobs can you get in payroll and tax administration? | FAQs

CAREER ADVICE, FINANCE   |   2 minutes  |   December 1, 2016

Want to know what job opportunities there are in the payroll and tax administration fields?

If you want to know more about the important role you could play in business administration by mastering tax, watch this short video where Gareth Cotten, Head Tutor on the University of Cape Town Payroll and Tax Administration online short course highlights the various career paths you could explore.

Payroll and tax administration expertise can open doors to many varying job opportunities. If you develop your skill set in payroll and tax administration you open yourself up to many financial and HR job opportunities that would make you an invaluable asset to your company.

You could go directly into a payroll administration role, or look to find work as a finance clerk.

If you have a love for numbers, you could expand your career opportunities by moving into the broader finance or accounting team.

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If your love for numbers is also coupled with a desire to work in a people-focused role, you could use your skill set to contribute to the HR department – helping to manage the financial needs and requirements of employees.

Ready to formalise this skill set from a top-tier University?

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With a skill set in payroll and tax administration this opens up a broad swathe of jobs that you could look at. So you could go directly into something like payroll administration, you could also work as a finance clerk, you could move into the broader accounting or finance team in a business but you could also transition into the HR team, so if you have slightly more of a people focus you could take the numerical skills that you’ve learnt from payroll and tax administration and use that to be an important part of the human resources team, helping to manage the figures and the staffing needs there.