Dec 02, 2016

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What Jobs Can I Do With Creative Writing Skills? | FAQs

Are you a creative writing natural or working on your creative writing skills, but not sure what kind of jobs you can use them for? Once you’ve refined your writing, there are a number of creative writing roles you can fill.

Given the rapid growth of the internet in the past twenty years, the creative writing and publishing game is taking new forms and directions. With this comes new and increasing numbers of opportunities.

Andre Wiesner, Head Tutor of the UCT Feature Journalism online short course, explains how the application of creative writing skills in the job market has shifted. Where once your skills would’ve forced you into traditional journalism or advertising, you can now apply your creative writing skills across a much broader range of jobs.


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In the grand tradition, if you were a creative writer you didn’t have a job per se – you had a career, and you earned your income by writing and publishing books – novels, short stories, nonfiction. You’d also be a playwright, screenplay writer or television writer. Very commonly, you’d work as a journalist, or as a brand copywriter for an advertising or other marketing agency. But the world is changing, thanks specifically to the massive rise of internet communications in the past twenty years.The writing and publishing game is taking new forms and directions. One of the trends we’re seeing is the rise of a new industry, sector or community made up of what you could call “creative professionals” – people with a high aptitude for writing who can multi-task across different media (print, video, online, you name it) and freelance their skills to a multitude of different companies and organisations.

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