Join The Online Learning Revolution

EDUCATION   |   5 minutes  |   December 2, 2016

Have you heard of the online learning revolution?

Of course you have. You live in an online world. It makes sense to learn online. The future of education is easily accessible, short-term bursts of distance-based education designed to up your game – with the latest industry-relevant knowledge. Study from wherever, whenever.

In early 2016, over 500 institutions across Europe reported offering online short courses, and in Australia roughly 118,000 students were enrolled in online education.¹ A Pew Research Centre survey found that 63% of working adults in America had taken a course to improve their professional skill sets in the past 12 months.²

GetSmarter has been pioneering the digital learning industry since 2008. We’ve designed an online learning experience that uses technology to replicate, and even enhance, the very best elements of the face-to-face classroom. You can learn anything you need know, to get where you want to be, part-time, and online.

Can it really be that simple?

The short answer? Yes. Absolutely. Here’s how:


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