Your Guide to the GetSmarter Learning Model

CAREER ADVICE   |   2 minutes  |   March 14, 2018

getsmarter learning model getsmarter learning model

GetSmarter draws on a range of contemporary pedagogical methods to ensure you receive an online learning experience to help you stand out from the crowd.

Our Learning Designers work alongside industry specialists to ensure the subject matter in each course is accurate, relevant, and practical. Course Convenors ensure each course is aligned with the latest tertiary standards, while our Head Tutors offer their expertise from the contemporary working environment where they practise the course skills on a daily basis.


What is GetSmarter’s approach to online learning?

GetSmarter’s constructivist approach to education places you at the centre of the learning experience – you interact with the subject matter, content experts, and fellow students in order to build your knowledge. Using discussion forums, students are able to engage with students from various backgrounds, offering multiple perspectives to learn from. Some courses even offer live tutorials, where students can engage with the content specialists in video forums. These live sessions provide students with the opportunity to discuss course-related questions directly with their Head Tutor.

getsmarter learning model getsmarter learning model

We structure our course content around Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, helping you to move through levels of learning from merely remembering facts, to applying your new skills and implementing what you’ve learned to develop new ideas and strategies. Our courses help students navigate new content in order for them to leave the course with a practical toolkit they can apply to a new professional field.


What kind of coursework will you interact with?

We design our online learning experience to build on your prior knowledge and experience, and we create opportunities to collaborate with others around meaningful problems and real-world tasks to help you build layers of understanding and retain knowledge. Course material is broken down into modules, released week-on-week to ensure new information is delivered in manageable sections.

You’ll interact with new information through study notes, case studies, presentations, and lecture videos – the staples of traditional classroom learning – while putting your knowledge to use through interactive activities such as discussions, group work, and enrichment activities. You can track your learning progress through the assessments, projects, and regular feedback delivered with each module.


How does the GetSmarter online campus facilitate your learning?

getsmarter learning model collaborationInteract with other students as you share knowledge and discuss content-related issues. You’ll have a chance to put your knowledge to the test as you and your classmates debate viewpoints and address questions posed by the Head Tutor.

getsmarter learning model problem solvingApply your learning skills by tackling case studies based on authentic problems faced by professionals in the field.

getsmarter learning model supported learning

Your learning journey is designed to equip you with new knowledge and skills one layer at a time, with regular assessments to make sure you don’t miss a step along the way. Subject experts are there to support you – offering regular feedback and answering questions via the forum and email.

getsmarter learning model explorationWe provide you with primary learning material in the form of notes, video lectures, and presentations. You’ll also receive suggested enrichment material for you to explore in your own time, so you can take your learning experience above and beyond.


What study materials are provided when you learn online with GetSmarter?

We provide casebooks and web resources which will take you away from the online campus in order to expand your knowledge by linking you to external articles, forums, websites, videos, and contemporary theorists that are pioneers in their field of study.

Whatever you choose to study with GetSmarter, our team will be there with you every step of the way to help you succeed. What will you learn next?


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