Oct 17, 2018

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LSE Managerial Finance Student Testimonials

The London School of Economics and Political Science Managerial Finance online certificate course is designed to help you elevate your managerial competency and improve the performance of your organisation, department or team, with a holistic and practical knowledge of key financial tools.

Guided by expert LSE faculty, you’ll develop practical financial skills such as forecasting and valuation, and learn to optimise your company’s financial performance. With an understanding of new financial techniques, you’ll be empowered to make better managerial and investment decisions, and to develop better business strategies.

This six-week course is presented entirely online by LSE, in collaboration with GetSmarter, and will equip you to:

  • Evaluate the financial health of a company
  • Optimise your organisations financial and operational performance, using financial insights and knowledge
  • Gain insights into how various organisational functions impact the bottom line of your organisation
  • Enhance and your organisation’s financial efficiency and profitability
  • Analyse investment projects and opportunities, and evaluate the allocation of resources within your business
  • Progress in your career with the ability to confidently contribute to financial discussions
How will the LSE Managerial Finance online certificate course grow your global business network?

By interacting with other business leaders through the interactive online learning experience, you’ll grow your global business network and expand your international business perspective.

Read on to find out what past students of the course said about their experiences:

Georgios Achyropoulos

Managing Director – Intelergon UK Ltd.

“This course is definitely built in a very professional way. The structure of it was very comprehensive and easy to follow. This will enhance my finance knowledge as most of the topics were new for me. I would highly recommend this course to professionals and decision makers.”

Jamie Gordon LinkedIN logo image

Quality and Finance Manager, Denburn Medical Practice

“I found this to be an excellent course, it pushed me just the right amount to take me out of my comfort zone and test me. I have already started using what I’ve learned on a day-to-day basis.”

Axel Stasse LinkedIN logo image


“The quality of this course was amazing. I expected less than what I had, and I really enjoyed my journey. The videos made Professor Jenter so clear! The course will help me by better evaluating projects and companies as a whole.
If you have the money, do it, it is worth it.
The only topic that I was afraid of was doing a course online. However, this platform and this learning method provided by both LSE and GetSmarter were very good.”

Alberto Francesena LinkedIN logo image

Sales Manager, chemical company

“It’s going to be interesting for my career. Very easy to study with this method!”

Edita Ajeti

Financial Specialist

“Great quality for great value.”

Zehra Khan LinkedIN logo image

Director of Finance and Operations

“The course was very well designed, moving seamlessly from fundamentals to technical. It has become a constant source of reference at work and anyone keen to understand finance should take this course.”

Veit Guenther LinkedIN logo image

Managing Director, German Translation Unit

“Anyone who runs a business should take a course like this, no matter what size or industry. It is like a ‘business driving license’: There is a difference between running a business by intuition/hard work, and running a business by knowing how to interpret certain financial indicators.”

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