LSE MBA Essentials Student Testimonials

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT, CAREER ADVICE   |   3 minutes  |   April 16, 2018

Getting first-hand experience in essential MBA-based skills is as easy as logging online with the London School of Economics and Political Science MBA Essentials online certificate course.

In the 10 weeks of this course, you’ll come to understand your strategic environment, master the financial details, and drive business strategy success by learning to influence colleagues and consumers.

Earn a certificate from LSE and become empowered to:

  • Discover the principles and techniques to effectively influence at all levels of your organisation
  • Understand the key economic principles and market forces that underpin any business as you learn about the interaction between supply and demand, and the implications for making decisions about pricing
  • Identify the importance of competitive advantage, and how this can be created as you discover more about the industry value chain and value creation
  • Explore how organisations can expand their business activities, investigating the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration and horizontal expansion
  • Improve your financial expertise as you explore the principles of financial accounting, identifying how financial information is used by various stakeholders in making business decisions
  • Explore how you can use financial tools such as budgeting, cost-volume-profit analysis, costing methods, and investment appraisal techniques to make better business decisions
  • Learn to interpret and analyse financial statements and annual reports, using ratio analyses and financial insights to gauge the financial health and performance of a business
  • Gain awareness of the common decision traps that managers fall into and how to avoid these to become a better decision maker
  • Learn how to influence your peers and the decisions made by consumers with nudging techniques, as you explore the concept of choice architecture
  • Investigate when culture change might be necessary to meet strategic objectives by enhancing your knowledge of organisational culture, and the relationship between culture and leadership
Read on to find out what past students on the MBA course from LSE said about their experiences with the course, certification and online learning.

About the course

Yeuk-Yeuk Che

Yeuk-Yuet Che
Macau Association of Higher Education

“I highly recommend the LSE MBA Essentials certificate course to those who want to be equipped with high-quality business skills.”

Alfonso Addimandi

Alfonso Addimandi
Counsel Treasury/ Finance, Philip Morris International

“Both value for money and quality of the course aspects are valuable. I think it will have an impact on my career in the sense that now I feel more confident in understanding and dealing with financial matters as well as in leasing with people within the organisation.”

Walter Simon Longwe

Walter Simon Longwe
Chief Executive

“The quality of the course is just excellent, and user-friendly, and affordable. I enjoyed networking with my colleagues on both small and wider groups. This course has had a great impact on me and already experiencing some changes I would like to have in my organisation, especially on culture and diversity. I would like to suggest to them to start enrolling for this prestigious course now and they should not wait for tomorrow. This course is a game changer as you cover real business issues in an organisation.”

Maureen Ifeoma Ikeji

Maureen Ifeoma Ikeji
Area Head of Strategy, Planning & Insights for West Africa, BAT.

“I found the course to be great value for money and all the materials were top notch, current, and relevant for today’s business world. More people should consider it – I certainly have already recommended it to others. The learning experience, though metered, did allow for a lot of self-paced study which is great and makes this so worth it. The class tutors and the support team also made this quite a managed experience.”

Lucca Ceccarelli
Corporate Finance Analyst

“The course has been very useful for a better understanding of underlying behaviours of people at different levels of the organisation. I have been positively surprised by the effectiveness of videos, materials, and by the possibility of sharing ideas and thoughts in the discussion forum.”

Mohammed Asmal Makhdum
Service Manager, A&A Healthcare Services Limited

“The course was very well condensed into a manageable, clear and detailed format. The teaching was of very high quality, with the videos provided by the professors very well explained, the examples given simple and informative and also breaking down all the different theories they covered.

What I enjoyed most was the level of inclusion the course encouraged for all students – the course administrators and teachers encouraged everyone to get involved through open discussions and assessed small group discussions, which in itself proved a very enjoyable learning experience, as I saw the different ways the same theory being learned by everyone could be assessed and applied in so many different ways.”

Liliana Anghel
Senior Consultant, LMT Consulting and Training

“The course is of superior quality both through the delivery of courses and interactive activity. By way of exposure, quality and quantity of information, the course can be accessed by people with or without management experience.

Responses are supervised and verified by professionals who provide you with useful feedback. The course is a good value for money. I have experienced new ideas / issues with people from different countries on different topics supervised by professionals. I tested the way of responses to the required topics and updated with new trends in financial / management field.

This course will increase my career opportunities, especially in the private business area. I recommend this course for those who want professional development, but also for the networking.”

David Lomax

“Overall I considered the course good value for money as one can see the amount of resources and effort that has been put into designing the course material and format. I think the course will add value to my career prospects as I had not previously had much formal exposure to financial aspects of business management.

Anybody who has experience of running budgets but has not had any significant formal financial business training will find the course useful as it explains many of the reasons as to why we do a whole host of budget tasks but perhaps have never been told why we do them.”

Rafael Christoph Herok
Vice President, Mobility Key Accounts & Special Project, Siemens UAE

“Excellent course. Includes many practical examples which are relevant and useful in daily work. It helped me to gain additional insights of peoples’ behaviors, influencing tactics, market views, and strategic directions! I have definitely enhanced my knowledge and feel very motivated to focus on my next career step. I highly recommend this course especially for busy professionals!”

About the experience of learning online

Shreevidya Parameswaran
Assistant Vice President, First Abu Dhabi Bank

“The course contents were very good and apt for any professionals taking up this course. The most enjoyable experience of this online course was the discussion forums.

The tutors encouraged the students to participate and provide their views by responding to our comments and giving their feedback. This course has helped me in analyzing and handling situations in a better way. This has been a unique learning experience for me and I am sure all the students who wish to enroll for this course will have the same experience.”

Guy Mark Richard Hartley

“For me, the notes and content were ultra clear and ultra well-structured. I thought this quality was maintained consistently throughout the 10 modules with great support from the GetSmarter team in the background. (The GetSmarter online learning platform also performed well in that I never had any connectivity problems or ‘slows’ based here in London.)

There was a fair spread of topics, well balanced between the hard and fast ‘nuts and bolts’ of figure-work, and the more diffuse aspects of customer behavioural psychology, and working with corporate culture. I also found plenty of ‘take outs’ in that an article or video we were referred to was in a clump of other related articles/videos that were also worth looking at.

Importantly, it gave the opportunity to apply theory to practical examples in case study format, as well as relate previous work experiences to principles that were new to me. A well constructed and worthwhile course from the LSE.”

Chiari Lamberti
Junior Analyst, Intesa SanPaolo

“I can describe this course as one of the most challenging and stimulating learning experiences in my life. At first, I was quite sceptical about the effective value of the course because, as you know, there are still a lot of taboos regarding the online learning.

Before beginning this experience I considered the online learning as a sort of second-class learning. By now I can say that I was completely wrong. LSE quality of teaching is the same as the one in real life.

The course was well structured, the topics studied during the course covered all the aspects that a business manager needs to look for in order to lead his business, our tutors and the success team were always available to help us with any sort of issue, the assignments were challenging and we dealt with a large variety of real cases.

However, the most important aspect that I have earned from this course is the ability to organise my time in a better way. It was quite hard finding some time from my daily routine to dedicate to my lesson. The online learning helped me in managing my time appropriately. Moreover, this course allows me to create a network of worldwide people to confront with. The most stimulating part was one of the discussion forums in which all of us shared our ideas so you had the possibility to see the topic from other perspectives.

Definitely, this course is worth all the money that I have spent and I want to repeat the online learning experience again and again. It’s the best compromise for people like me which work or study and they don’t have the possibility to attend an in-person course.”

Anel Murguz
Planning Specialist, Skanska & CEO, Selected Frames

“Don’t worry about any tech problems. It’s all very impressive and easy to work with. Everything just works. I was also a bit worried about the communication with the teachers and how it would work but now after 10 weeks I can reassure that it was no problem at all!”

About the certification

Santiago Escribano
Specialist Business Cases, Vodafone Spain

“The course has been a fantastic experience from both a professional and personal perspective. I have developed a series of skills that today are essential for the management of any team, which I am sure will allow me to move to a bigger role within my company. I also highlight the fact that upon finishing the course, you receive a certificate from the London School of Economics, which is something that many people would like to see in their curriculum. I encourage anyone with a desire to continue developing their professional career to take this course. It has been an incredible experience, of very high quality, where I had the opportunity not only to learn but to meet people from all over the world.”

Fadayomi Temidayo James

“LSE is a prestigious institution that provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a lifetime opportunity to study this course. I advise prospective students to take advantage of this opportunity. I am most grateful to LSE for this opportunity to learn new financial concepts and would recommend this programme to anyone pursuing a career in finance.”

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