Meet Candice Govender | Notable Achiever

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT   |   4 minutes  |   December 7, 2016

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In recognition of students who stand out from the crowd, GetSmarter’s Notable Achievers campaign highlights a top-performing student each week.
Candice was chosen by our Student Success Team for consistently achieving good grades during her modules in the University of Cape Town Business Systems Analysis online short course.

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Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Why did you decide to take the UCT Business Systems Analysis online short course with GetSmarter?

The reason I decided to take this course is 3 fold. Firstly, as an alumni, I know that with UCT I am guaranteed a current, quality course which has been well researched to meet my needs.

Secondly, there are so many courses offered on the topic of systems analysis, however, this course covered a broad range of topics and put the role of the BSA into context throughout the SDLC. Being a team lead of a fairly new analysis team, I wanted to ensure that I will be guiding the team with the most contemporary tools, techniques and methodologies.
And lastly, I wanted to go on a course where I could interact with and be exposed to the views of classmates from different backgrounds, industries and work experience.

What were your concerns before enrolling on the course and how were they alleviated and why?

My concerns were mainly about time management. I wanted to ensure that I could give the course and content the attention it needed to get the most benefit. These were alleviated by the course content variation allowing me to engage easily and almost made it a fun learning experience. The Orientation module and availability of a success manager helped me to stay motivated and address any specific needs. In fact, this course has changed my outlook on learning. Having someone always on hand to answer any questions and give guidance has shown me that you can support without spoon feeding and that learning outside a classroom does not need to feel isolated.

What aspects are you enjoying about learning online with GetSmarter?

The course content variation and continuous assessment. It has also indirectly helped me experience the world wide web and the vast amount of information that is actually available to us all.

How do you plan to use the skills you learnt on this course in your career?

During the course, I actually set up weekly meetings with my manager to show her what I had learnt and discuss whether we can introduce small changes or new processes which I had learnt on the course. I am also using it for projects that I am currently busy with and offering advice to the team that I lead.

What does it mean to you to earn a UCT certificate?

This is very valuable as UCT has a great brand reputation for it’s high standard of education.

Our Student Success Team identified you as being an outstanding student. Why do you think you are a Notable Achiever and what advice can you give to others looking to do this course?

It is such a great privilege to be recognised as a Notable Achiever. I believe I was identified because of the effort put in and showing evidence of understanding the principles and applying them. My advice is to just hit register already, you won’t look back. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, the course is well paced and you can practically apply everything you learn. If you have a personality like mine, where you gain a sense of achievement from your work by knowing that you bring a valuable contribution to the value chain in the world of business systems, this course is for you.

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