Meet Jeanine Schroeder | GetSmarter Notable Achiever

TALENT MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   March 31, 2017

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In recognition of students who stand out from the crowd, GetSmarter’s Notable Achievers campaign highlights a top-performing student each week.

Jeanine was chosen by our Student Success Team for achieving consistently great results throughout her UCT Human Resource Management online short course.

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Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

Why did you decide to take the UCT online short course?

I applied as part of my lifelong learning goals, to update my HR theoretical knowledge and also to be ready for any future career changes.

What were your concerns before enrolling on the UCT Human Resource Management online short course? How were your concerns alleviated and why?

My major concern was finding the time to study and to complete assignments. I was also worried that I will not be able to keep up with the work.

I committed myself to find 2 hours per day and some extra hours over weekends. The excellent standard of the reading material, supporting module documents, articles referenced, additional research material and 24/7 guidance from our Head Tutor make it possible to deliver quality responses and progressive feedback.

What aspects are you enjoying about learning online with GetSmarter?

The course is of a strategic nature and demands extensive research on HR topics, but I enjoy the videos and online discussions. You learn so much from your peers and especially from John Wilter, who truly is an HR Expert.

How do you plan to use the skills you learned on this course in your career?

I’ve already experienced that I can relate to current HR theories with a deeper understanding. I look forward the next modules and I planning to enrol in the Advanced Human Resource Management online short course.

What does it mean to you to earn a UCT certificate?

UCT’s reputation as a world-class University is an added bonus and reason to register for this course.

Will you be displaying your certificate?

I will display my certificate with pride. It’s a reflection of the time, effort and hard work I’ve committed to, in enhancing my skills for a better future and career.

Our Student Success Team identified you as being an outstanding student. Why do you think you are a Notable Achiever and what advice can you give to others looking to do this course?

I am humbled to be regarded as an outstanding student and must admit that I take pride in my work. I read and evaluate it probably about 10 times before submitting it for evaluation. The support from the Student Success Team is remarkable and motivates you to give your best.

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