Meet John Faure | Student Success Story

CAREER ADVICE, PROJECT MANAGEMENT   |   3 minutes  |   January 12, 2018

Meet John Faure, a Project Manager who completed the University of Cape Town’s Advanced Project Management online short course to realise his lifelong dream of obtaining a certification from a leading university.


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“There’s a moment in your life when you feel unmotivated. Things get tough and you need to figure out why you are doing what you are doing. And the how becomes easy. My name is John Faure and I am a lifelong learner.”

“What is my why? I’m a very competitive person inherently and that’s what drives me. I want to constantly push the limits and find out, can I do this, can I achieve this goal? I’ve always dreamed of studying at a world-renowned university. Unfortunately for me in 2010, I lost out or missed out on getting into a great university that I wanted to get into and resulted in me having to re-think what I wanted to do and what I wanted to study. It was a big knock to my confidence.

However, as luck would have it, I landed a fantastic internship at a really great company, and things changed for me, for the better. I was surrounded by people who were super passionate about learning. That for me was infectious, it made my desire to achieve so much greater. When I initially heard about GetSmarter and UCT coming together to present the Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management online, I jumped at the opportunity because for me as a working professional it gave me a great opportunity to work and study simultaneously. This was fantastic, I would be realising a lifelong dream of mine, studying at a top-tier university like the University of Cape Town.

The material that I engaged with on a daily and nightly basis was thought-provoking, it really stretched us, stretched me, and I was able to learn new things throughout the week and then almost trial them in the workplace in the coming weeks. I now have a big university, backing my project management experience, and that’s invaluable. I can only move onto bigger goals now.”