Mar 29, 2017

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Do you need a lot of money to invest in property?

Wanting to invest in property but not sure how to become a property developer with no money?

Listen as François Viruly, convenor of the University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment online short course, talks about ways to break into the property development market without needing to have a large amount of liquid capital. You’ll learn more about property development and it’s intricacies from François when you invest your time in this property investment course.

Property investment has the reputation of having a high start-up cost, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s as much about having a certain level of equity as having good access to debt funding.

Ultimately, there is no magic number to summarise how much money you will need to invest in property. Factors like your location (city versus rural, suburbs versus CBD, etc.)  and the type of property you are targeting (flat versus house, residential versus commercial, etc.) will determine your startup costs. You’ll explore a host of concepts related to property investment, property development and property management training over the course of this property development course with UCT. You don’t necessarily need an endless cash flow to take part in property development but you do require the right skills if you want to become a property developer.

Want to give yourself the best foundation possible to invest in property?

Learn to navigate multiple facets of the property industry and develop a commercially-viable property development plan, with the UCT Property Investment and Development online short course.




Do you need a lot of money? You need to have sources of money. You need to have banks in place. You need to have a good relationship with debt funders. Real estate investment is about having a certain amount of equity, but certainly to have access to debt funding.

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