Jan 11, 2018

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The New Professional’s 2018 Career Guide

Your guide to intentional career planning and consequent success in 2018 is here.
With workplace and workforce reskilling being a hot topic on the global agenda, business leaders and working professionals are urged to pay serious attention to ensuring they have the right resources to remain relevant.

This Guide is designed to help you become recognised in 2018 and achieve the following three key priorities:

  1. Embrace the new career economy: learn how to stay relevant amidst technological transformation.Think artificial intelligence, Bitcoin, self-driving cars, big data, and drones.
  2. Pay attention to career predictions: be prepared for the future of work. Think the old versus new economy, the relevance of your current skill set, and jobs that haven’t been created yet.
  3. Have future-focused career goals: Create your steps for success. Think learning new skills for success, growth hacking your career, and seeing your skill set as a commodity.

By downloading the New Professional’s Career Guide, you’ll discover the ways in which your ambitions can be recognised in 2018. What are you waiting for?

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