Online Campus tour | LSE Business, International Relations and the Political Economy

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT   |   3 minutes  |   July 24, 2017

The LSE Business, International Relations and the Political Economy online certificate course is designed to change the way you interpret and analyse global political and economic events. Guided by subject matter experts from The London School of Economics and Political Science, and industry pioneers, you’ll learn to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk stemming from globalisation.

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What can you expect from the LSE Business, International Relations and the Political Economy online certificate course?

This course focusses on the core concepts for understanding globalisation and global change, from the disciplines of international relations, political science, political economy and macroeconomics. It addresses real world problems using historical reflection, conceptual discussion and in-depth case studies. You will explore key events that have shaped the evolution of globalisation from the 19th century until today.

You’ll analyse, in particular, how corporate organisations are impacted by events such as the 2008 financial crisis, changes in global supply chains, global power shifts and the emergence of China as a global economic power, instability in key areas of the developing world, technological and environmental disruption from automation and robotics to cybersecurity and climate change, and the rise of populism in the western world.

If you’d like to keep yourself and your business one step ahead of both the competition and the impact of global events on your international trade and long-term business strategies, or you want to have a greater impact on the strategic direction of your company, with an analytical skill set that allows you to view situations from multiple perspectives, and methods of analysis used by LSE’s leading academics, this online politics and economics course from LSE could help you anticipate the effects of international relations.

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