5 Ways SAIOSH Will Support Your Health and Safety Journey

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If you’ve got your eye on the UCT Occupational Health and Safety short course, you’ll be pleased to know that your certificate will be accredited by the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH).

Who is SAIOSH?

SAIOSH is a non-profit organisation that strives to advance OHS professionals and practitioners by providing avenues for promotion, education, training, guidance and strong relationships with other OHS stakeholders.


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Currently, it has over 5 000 members, and has cemented itself as the leading representative for those who want to grow in the OHS profession.

How will SAIOSH benefit me?
  1. They are recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), which means they have the authority to register you as an Occupational Health and Safety Professional in South Africa. SAQA is recognised worldwide, which means your OHS skills will hold weight globally.
  2. They are committed to upgrading their members’ skills by keeping you updated and informed on the latest developments in Occupational Health and Safety.
  3. They regularly host seminars and workshops on a wide range of Health and Safety topics for their members.
  4. They provide their members with free access to e-learning, legal updates, online networking and a career portal.
  5. They act as a lobby group for Occupational Health and Safety legislation and standards and will liaise with the Department of Labour and other Government Bodies on your behalf.
What do I need to be a Professional Member of SAIOSH?

In order to become a Professional Member, SAIOSH requires that you have a qualification in Occupational Health and Safety and at least 2 years experience in the field.

For more information on how you can grow a health and safety career with SAIOSH, visit their homepage here.

Want to learn key OHS skills and have the backing of SAIOSH?

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