Nov 30, 2016

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What are good small business ideas for full-time workers? | FAQs

Just because you’re working full-time doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream as a small business owner. There are some small business ideas perfectly suited to your life as a full-time worker.

Watch this video of Gareth Cotten, Head Tutor for the University of Cape Town Start and Manage a Small Business online short course, as he explains what types of small businesses work best for a working professional.


The best small business ideas, if you are already working full time, would generally be something quite automated – something where you are not required to be there the entire time. And here your best bet is something based online. So you want to look to see if you can maybe create a service or a product which you can sell online, which people don’t have to deal with you directly for, and you automate things like your email replies, you can automate your payment processing and even distributing the products. Those are the types of businesses that you want to look at if you are already working full time.