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CAREER ADVICE, EXECUTIVE EDUCATION   |   2 minutes  |   December 6, 2016

Whether you’re a manager, a consultant, work in a support function, or just feel you have the right skills to be a business coach, the University of Cape Town Foundations of Executive Coaching online short course is a great way to study executive coaching and kick off your career in the field.

You can use the skills you acquire on this coaching course to improve your management practice, add to your HR skill set, or begin your career as a business or executive coach.

In this short video Dale Williams, Head Tutor on the UCT Foundations of Executive Coaching online short course, motivates why executive coaching is a great career path.

Want to apply executive coaching to maximise the engagement of your workforce and enhance organisational efficiency?

Study executive coaching with the UCT Foundations of Executive Coaching online short course. 


Executive coaching generally attracts to it a number of people who come from quite varied backgrounds. So, it could be a manager who wants to incorporate coaching into their management practice; it could be a consultant of sorts which might be HR or OD, or any area of supporting a business through consulting, or it could be somebody who’s wanting to use their experience in some way, and repurpose their skills as an executive coach.

Hence, studying coaching allows you to take that background, take the inputs that you’ve had, the experience that you’ve had, and understand how you can use that as an executive coach. It’s not just a matter of because you’ve been good at something, you can coach.

Just like some of the best coaches in the sports world are not necessarily the people who’ve played at the highest level – they’re the people who’ve become executive coaches, you need to study it so that you can repurpose whatever your skills are that you’re bringing to it and take them back into a business in a different way.