Nov 30, 2016

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What Is The Difference Between Talent Management And HR Management? | FAQs

Talent management has emerged as a fairly new job field, linked to the human resource management industry. Confused about the difference between talent management and HR management? Or perhaps you’re trying to decide which field would be more suited to your strengths.

Talent management is a subsection of human resource development through which employees are engaged with the purpose of retention. Human resource management overarches talent management and involves creating a work environment where employees are most efficient.

In this short video John Wilter, Head Tutor for the University of Cape Town Human Resource Management online short course, explains further how talent management is different from HR management and requires a more focused skill set.


Human resource management is creating an environment in the workplace where people can be most productive and serve the needs of the organisation most effectively. Talent management is engaging people – and those people might be your very talented, highly specialised, highly skilled people in the business – with the objective of retaining them in the longer term. So, in essence, talent management is a subsection of human resource development.

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