The secret to getting headhunted

CAREER ADVICE   |   2 minutes  |   December 2, 2016

When you need a job, there’s nothing more attractive than having it fall into your lap. You may have seen the concept at work before: out of the blue, a colleague or friend has received an offer they didn’t actively seek out or plan for. Headhunters can be a strong catalyst for the objectives in your career path, especially if you’re an experienced hire with a looking for a more senior role, or a technical specialist with skills that are in high demand.

So what is the secret to being headhunted?

Build your personal brand.

Unsure of how to begin? Here are three pieces of career advice to get started:

The secret to getting headhunted

1. Demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn and grow

Employers will target you if you come across as well-rounded in your career. Headhunters will seek out people who demonstrate an ability to develop themselves; make visible efforts to regularly contribute to their industry, and have something to show for it. If you lack a necessary skill, go out there and gain it.

If the last meaningful learning experience you had was 10 years ago, make an effort to learn something new that’s relevant to the career path you wish to follow.

Not sure where you’ll find the time?

The GetSmarter short course calendar is designed with you in mind. With multiple opportunities to start learning throughout the year, you’re guaranteed to find an online course presentation to suit your schedule.

Once you’ve got your certificate of completion make sure you flaunt your learning – include any attempt you make to broaden your skill set in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

2. Make yourself as visible as possible

The only way a headhunter is going to know about you is if you make yourself, and your CV, easy to find. If you’re not online, get online. Start with building a complete LinkedIn profile, and perhaps opening a professional Twitter account. Make sure your updated resume is available online. Next, be active online by joining and participating in groups and forums, or starting a blog of your own that demonstrates your thought leadership and expertise in your industry or field.

Finally, test your online presence by googling yourself and see what comes up – would you want to hire you?

3. Treat every occasion as a networking opportunity

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth is the strongest referral, and the same goes for your personal brand. Make an effort to talk to people. Practice targeted networking. Ensure your name, title and organisation are prevalent at every opportunity. Make allies in the industry who might refer you on if they hear of an opportunity you’d be suited for. Make sure you make an impact by not just going but participating in a meaningful way. You have the opportunity to get the best career advice while setting yourself up to be headhunted.

Think of every social encounter as an opportunity to plan for your career objectives.


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