The surprising ways marketers can learn from their own decisions

MARKETING   |   4 minutes  |   November 30, 2016

Quick: what brand of toothpaste did you brush your teeth with this morning? What kind of coffee did you choose to kick-start your day? When you got dressed, which brands did you choose to become a walking ambassador for?

Like it or not, you started making a series of powerful choices, as a proactive consumer, from the moment you opened your eyes this morning. The exciting thing about that is – as a proactive marketer – those personal adoption choices reveal a lot about building the kind of brand that consumers want to associate with, day in and day out.

From the five stages of the consumer adoption lifecycle, to the psychological behaviours that dictate our daily purchasing decisions, all marketers can benefit from a solid education designed to empower you with the theoretical knowledge base – and the practical skills you’ll need to apply that theory in powerful ways – through the diverse delivery of industry-relevant information. Here’s a sneak preview of the kinds of content we’re using to provide marketing professionals with a world-class university education, accessible entirely online, across the country:


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