Jun 05, 2018

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UCT Property Management | Course Trailer

Real estate can be an attractive investment option for individuals, creating professional opportunities such as the selling and letting of property for others. A crucial part of this economic activity is the management of the property so that it retains its long-term value and profitability.

Property management is a core component of the property industry, and knowledge of its principles and techniques can be of value to private investors and property professionals. The University of Cape Town Property Management online short course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the essential techniques and principles of property management in South Africa.

In this course, Sean Godoy, the Head Tutor teaches you to identify the key terms, principles, and functions of property management, while also enabling you to evaluate leases and circumstances relating to the leasing process. By the end, you’ll also be able to recommend ways to optimise landlord-management-tenant relationships, create a facilities and maintenance management plan, and compile a budget report for any given property.

Do you want to explore the exciting industry of property management?

Learn more about the building blocks of success in property management by taking the Property Management online short course.

Buildings are the fabric of society. It’s the places that we live in, it’s the places that we work in, and it’s the places that we play in. In order to be a sustainable society, we need to manage those places well. The tech innovation in the property industry is amazing. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and you can manage properties across the country. During this course, you’ll hear from a wide range of high profile industry speakers, ranging from the V&A Waterfront, to the Allan Grey building to Baker Street Properties. We have a live project for you that you’re going to play with every week over the eight weeks, and we have tried as best to similar to real problems that you’re going to face as a property manager. The biggest problem maybe facing property managers in South Africa is not just about getting the rent on time. It’s also about staying competitive, how to make sure tenants want to lease your space as opposed to space in the building down the road. Please join us for the UCT Property Management online short course.