May 02, 2019

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University of Cambridge High Impact Leadership Student Testimonials

Discover the values, thinking, and practice needed for high impact leadership over eight weeks on this online short course from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

After successfully completing this highly interactive and supported online learning journey, you’ll have gained the knowledge needed to:

  • Identify the importance of high impact leadership at the personal, team, and organisational levels
  • Reflect on what high impact leadership means for you, your team, and your organisation
  • Create communication and stakeholder engagement plans to drive effective change
  • Develop an ambitious leadership action plan to enable your personal growth as an effective high impact leader in your current and future sphere of influence

Find out what past participants of the High Impact Leadership online short course said about their learning experience:

Antonio Potenzai
Managing Partner, YellowDoor Impact

“It was very high quality for money and I have 100% enjoyed myself. I am very satisfied and I am convinced the course will positively impact my career going forward. I do strongly recommend anyone interested in high impact leadership, sustainability and social impact to take this course. It is very challenging, compelling, yet delivers on its promises. It is delivered by very competent people and from one of the most reputable higher education institutions in the world.”

Mohamed Faiz Sherifdeen
Finance Manager, Qatar Business Incubation Center

“I chose the High Impact Leadership online short course not just for the credibility of the content delivered, but also for the global recognition of Cambridge University! The content of the programme is meticulously crafted by highly qualified academics and professionals who possess broader experience and immaculate understanding on the leadership theories and qualities demanded in today’s era.

Great online learning experience, very convenient for professionals working full-time like myself with superior flexibility, combining both work and study. Contents are delivered via fully interactive sessions, assignments, and with real case studies focused towards nurturing important leadership qualities to handle multidimensional issues faced in the current business context.

The programme enabled me to discover my strengths and weaknesses and nurture traits that enabled me to view things differently and to make a high impact across my sphere of influence. The programme not only surpassed my expectations in terms of content, but also with the connections I made and networking opportunities I was exposed to.

Though it’s very demanding, it’s a valuable set of knowledge delivered at a great value for money!”

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