Jul 19, 2021

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Women in Leadership Online Short Course Testimonials

Despite the global call for more gender-inclusive leadership, the past three years have seen just a seven per cent increase in South African organisations’ commitment to hiring, progressing, and retaining women employees.1 Women make up only 32 per cent of leaders, and only one in five women feel as though they have real influence over business decisions.2 There’s still much to be done when it comes to closing the gender gap in the workplace, particularly at a management level.

The Women in Leadership online short course from the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED) is designed to empower women who aspire to move into more senior roles and will equip you with strategies to overcome the barriers that prevent progress. Over eight weeks, you’ll develop a gender diversity proposal for your organisation that encourages greater representation of women in leadership structures. Develop your leadership style to overcome the workplace challenges faced by women as you explore the core strengths of female business leadership, and learn how it can be used to enhance your organisation’s performance.

Join a network of female leaders

When you study with USB Executive Education, you’ll join a cohort of current and future business leaders who have already had the opportunity to study online. Here’s what past students thought of the course:

Tshegetsang Sebeela
Founder and CEO, Tshimologo Executive Group

“I enjoyed the course; it gave me the opportunity to ease back into studying and engage academically. The course broadened my thinking and challenged my personal unrecognised biases. I’ve recommended it to other ladies in the corporate space and those working in the NGO (community building) area, as it would be ideal for their personal development, and contribute to the work they’re doing.”

Tandi Kolbe
Founder and Director, Surveya Global

“I never realised that a number of the challenges and obstacles I’ve faced in business might be a result of the way women are judged and misperceived in the workplace. Just this awareness alone has shifted my perspective and encouraged me to face my own insecurities. For this reason, I’m a different woman than the one who started this course. I hope to pay this forward in all my interactions.”

Mauline Gowe
Head of Human Resources, International Rescue Committee, Zimbabwe

“I’ve discovered my best self through this course. I’ve also grown a genuine interest in gender diversity and women’s leadership, and have even come up with a concept note for African women in leadership within my current organisation. I’m so excited about the opportunities that are there to encourage the next generation of women leaders to rise and show themselves worthy to be in leadership positions.”

Christine Taljaard-Krugell
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, North West University, Centre of Excellence for Nutrition

“For me, the greatest attribute of this course was that I had to take time to develop my own thoughts, convictions, and impressions on topics I thought I was relatively familiar with. It’s only when you deliberately set aside time to investigate topics such as diversity and female leadership that you’re able to get to a deeper level of understanding.”

Dharmita Babu
Transformation Coach and Change Catalyst, Brainrichment

“I was quite impressed with my overall impression of the content. The online learning experience was very seamless and easy to navigate. My understanding has enhanced, and I’m more equipped to be the best I can be as a female in the workplace. I also enjoyed the networking opportunities with fellow classmates – it helped me to see things from different perspectives.”

Encourage greater representation of women in leadership

This USB-ED course helps you harness the core strengths of female leadership and prepares you to implement them within the workplace. Join a network of empowered female leaders as you examine and challenge the underrepresentation of women in positions of leadership.

The University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development and GetSmarter are committed to gender empowerment and diversity in the workplace. In celebration of National Women’s Day, get 10% off when you register for this course during the month of August* using the code USBWILWD2021.

Register now to better understand and foster gender diversity in the workplace.

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