Nov 30, 2016

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What is the role of digital marketing? | FAQs Video

When done smartly, your online marketing plan will integrate seamlessly with your traditional tactics, won’t cost a fortune and will expose you to a market that you had previously been invisible to. The digital marketing industry is the fastest growing branch of marketing today. As the world becomes increasingly connected, an ability to keep up with developments and trends is vital for marketers trying to reach new audiences. These audiences are far more discerning, fragmented and cynical than before and it’s the role of a digital marketing professional to use holistic strategies to make a memorable impact with internet marketing courses.

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Watch this video where Tim Withers, Marketing Manager at GetSmarter, takes you through the role of digital marketing and how companies can use online marketing professionals to gain the digital market advantage.

Working in the online marketing industry means you’ll need the right marketing training and tertiary education to partner with up-to-date skills that can be acquired to cope with the constant changes in the industry. Technology and software are developing at such a high rate that it seems almost impossible to keep up with requirements of this career path. You’ll need the agility recognise and react to current digital marketing trends and become the go-to source for explaining future online marketing strategies.

Successful digital marketing professionals are able to plan, organise, implement and measure complex internet-wide strategies seamlessly. Most importantly, they never stop learning, growing and adapting themselves. You need to learn to harness the power of the web – and its countless tools – to be able to help a business find unique and personal ways to interact with customers online, and it is possible to do just this with an effective marketing course.


The role of digital marketing is leveraging digital channels such as social media, paid search, organic search, and display, to market your products or services to a relevant audience, to achieve your business objectives.

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