What Are Human Resource Employers Looking For In An HR Professional | FAQs

TALENT MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   November 30, 2016

Looking to advance your career as an HR professional? The important thing is to differentiate yourself from the competition and be aware how you can be of most value to your employer. There’s no better way to differentiate yourself and stand out than with a human resource management certificate from the University of Cape Town.

In this short video John Wilter, Head Tutor for the UCT Human Resource Management course, reveals the key thing HR employers are looking for in an HR professional.

This human resource management course from the University of Cape Town provides you with the insight and practical tools needed to create and implement your organisation’s Human Resource strategy effectively. Guided by an expert, you learn how to practically implement the latest HR trends and codes of good practice.

You’ll leave this human resources course with the confidence to apply your new skills within your role, or to move up to a new role. The UCT Human Resource Management course is the perfect way to gain leading skills from industry-leading experts such as John Wilter, who has been involved in the areas of Human Resources, Organisation Development as well as Management and Leadership training and consulting for more than 25 years, at all levels and across a wide variety of industries.

At the end of this 10-week human resource management course, you’ll walk away with a human resource certificate from UCT to validate your expertise and knowledge, setting you apart in a highly-competitive industry.

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Being a business partner in the organisation. In other words – supporting the business directly through Human Resource Management is really what your line managers are looking for. They don’t want to do extra work by having to comply with HR. What they want is: “How can HR make our work, easier, better, more productive, and more stimulating?”