Jan 15, 2018

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Why Workplace Health And Wellness Impacts Business Success

Work-related injuries are equivalent to 4% of the world gross domestic product (GDP) in terms of economic burden.1

In South Africa, loss of earnings due to major depression and anxiety disorders is estimated at R54,121 per affected adult per year, making the total annual cost to the South African economy amounting to more than R40 billion (2.2% of the country’s GDP).2

Health and wellness boosts your bottom line

The formula is simple: healthy people make for productive employees, and productive employees create a positive impact on a business’s bottom line.  This pattern has led to companies across the spectrum increasingly investing in health and wellness.

Head of Health and Wellness at GetSmarter, Sheana Abrahams, is responsible for implementing and promoting corporate wellness initiatives within the company.

“Running a business with unhealthy and unhappy employees is like trying to drive a car with a bad engine. It may eventually get you where you want to go, but the trip will be difficult and you’ll waste time and resources.”

Sheana’s key responsibilities include creating awareness of, and implementing projects for the following areas:

  • Physical activity – promoting the use of the in-house gym, encouraging employees to cycle to work, organising company hikes
  • Nutrition – educating employees on food benefits of different food groups, portion size, how to read food packaging labels
  • Stress – organising workshops about stress management, collecting data on stress levels through company surveys
  • General health – facilitating full screenings (blood pressure, eyesight etc), creating awareness about posture, eyesight

How online learning can bolster health and wellness

Sheana has a wealth of experience in health and wellness going all the way back to her years playing professional beach volleyball. Her experience, combined with a passion for education, has resulted in her constantly looking for new learning opportunities.

“No sports star or anyone successful in their career stops learning. They’re at the top of their game because they’re constantly learning, growing and developing themselves.”

One way Sheana is able to stay current on matters related to health and wellness and thereby bolstering her career objectives, is by taking online short courses. Sheana has completed a number of online short courses including:

“I was surprised at how much the UCT Project Management course helped me fulfill my role at GetSmarter. I learnt how to strategically plan and execute health and wellness projects in the company.”

Below is  a timeline listing Sheana’s key career path moments:


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