Feb 27, 2017

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Your Sneak Peek into the UCT Property Development and Investment course

In an industry that continues to expand in Southern Africa, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart as a top property developer. The University Property Development and Investment online short course aims to help you master the intricacies of both the residential and commercial property sectors, arming you with the skills to turn a profit from your property.

Watch the course trailer now to find out if the UCT Property Development and Investment online short course is what you need to stand out as an investor:

Ready to break into the lucrative world of property investment and development?

Study the UCT Property and Development Investment online short course today.



In 2016, the property firm owned by Britain’s wealthiest landlord made an enormous investment in a number of African countries, including South Africa.

The investment is part of a development pipeline set to be more than $7 billion.

Property development and investment in Africa is on the rise, and it’s moving quickly. With more than 65 cities having a population higher than 1 million people, the demand for property development in Africa is far exceeding the supply.

This could be your opportunity to make a mark on one of South Africa’s most lucrative industry.

Hi I’m Francois Viruly and I’m the course convener on the University of Cape Town’s Property Development and Investment online short course.   

Along with myself and Sean Godoy, your Head Tutor on the course, you’ll be guided through a multitude of property disciplines as you gain confidence in your ability to navigate the industry.

You’ll walk away from the course with a portfolio of evidence, verifying your ability to create a commercially-viable property development plan and invest in property that turns a profit.

Join us on this 12 week UCT course and learn from some of the property industry’s most established members.

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