Dec 02, 2016

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Financial Technology and Innovation | MIT Reports

In line with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s mandate to advance knowledge in areas that will serve to address the 21st century’s great challenges by focusing on fields of scholarship that will best serve the world, MIT has recently released a number of reports exploring some of the changes and disruptions in fintech.

Blockchain & Financial Services: The Fifth Horizon of Networked Innovation

This report promises to close any gaps in your understanding of where the world of blockchain is today, where it’s going, and how you might capitalize on the disruption it’s bringing to the global financial system.


Blockchain & Transactions: Markets and Marketplaces

This report takes a closer look at how blockchain will impact transactions in the future and identifies the players and markets most likely to experience the disruption.



Blockchain & Infrastructure (Identity, Data Security)

This report explores applications of blockchain technology against the context of concerns around identity, privacy and data security.


Prediction Markets

This MIT report delves into the world of prediction markets and the technologies surrounding them. Join David Shrier, Dhaval Adjodah, Weige Wu and Alex “Sandy” Pentland as they explore the rise and evolution of prediction markets.


Mobile Money & Payments: Technology Trends

David Shrier, German Canale, and Alex “Sandy” Pentland take you through the evolution of money technology with this report. This paper explores the terrain of mobile money and payments technology, the dynamics of the current system, and potential future areas for innovation.


Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks?

This free report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology investigates the current state of our banking system and how the rise of the Digital Bank and digital currencies will affect the future of finance. MIT’s Alex Lipton, David Shrier and Alex “Sandy” Pentland take you through the intricacies of the Digital Bank.



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