Aug 29, 2017

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The Digital Mastery Framework to Inform Your IoT Roadmap

Transformative technologies, particularly those surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), can significantly alter the direction and success of an organization – contributing to the relevance, productivity and efficiency of the business. But the implementation of technology is only as good as the leadership that is responsible for its inclusion. Transformative IoT technologies cannot simply be purchased and implemented without the development of a fully-fledged IoT roadmap and vision from the organization’s leadership.

One way to ascertain the capabilities, both digital and leadership-related, of your organization is to make use of relevant frameworks.

The digital mastery framework was established by George Westerman, Clare Calmejane, Didier Bonnet, Patrick Ferrais, and Andrew McAfee. The framework consists of two axes – digital capability and leadership capability – along which organizations can be positioned. The more developed an organization’s capabilities, the further along each axis it is positioned.

Making use of the digital mastery framework will help inform you on the direction your IoT roadmap should take for the successful implementation of transformative technology into your organization. Use the interactive infographic below to understand application of technology when considering the capabilities of your organization. The infographic comes from the second module of the MIT Sloan Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities short course. This IoT program goes beyond understanding IoT as simply a technology and instead investigates the ways in which you can use IoT as a leadership opportunity, transforming the future of your business. The programĀ culminates in the creation of an IoT roadmap for real-world application in an organization of your choice.

Use the infographic to inform your IoT roadmap:

If you think you or your business could benefit from the application of IoT technologies, find out more about the MIT Sloan Internet of Things online short course. You’ll learn from industry giants and esteemed faculty about the possibilities that IoT affords your organization.