Dec 05, 2016

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How to become a sales representative | FAQs

Want to know what it takes to be a successful sales representative by mastering sales techniques and leading a sales strategy? Want the best training through world-class sales management courses?

Watch as Gareth Cotten, the Head Tutor in the University of Cape Town Sales Management course, takes you through the steps of breaking into the sales industry:

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The beauty of going into sales and being a sales representative is that you often don’t need particular experience in a field. Having a qualification definitely helps but more important is your attitude and your approach. So sales is a beautiful part of the world because there are always people hiring for it whether the economy is doing very well or doing very badly, businesses need to make more sales. So there are always going to be positions for people with the right attitude. How to get into it? I would recommend researching the industry, looking at products that are available, looking at the competition that’s out there and if you find a company that is looking for sales representatives do as much research as you can about their products and their sales process and then go and take yourself to the interview.

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